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Some questions, some answers

The Khushtar Tote

Our Khushtar tote is big enough to hold your laptops, books or even wine bottles! Definite head turner with it’s colors even for a quick run to a grocery store

What is the kushtar Tote made of?

Made from 100% Organic Cotton

How can I care for my tote?

Hand wash preferably
air dry & avoid high heat dryers
Do not iron over design, it will melt :(

Who is the Maker of Khustar tote?

Illustrated by Sharanya, IG: colorbloomers who left her tech job to pursue an undefined creative career journey.
This handmade tote of love is for you to embrace your South Asian identity!

Which material is the mug made of?


How many types of T-shirts are available?

4. The Energy Tee ,The Mango Tee,The Chai Tee & The Namaste Tee .

What material is the T-shirt made of?

100% organic cotton tee!